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1.1. Introduction

NORTH KHORASAN province IS located in northeastern IRAN. Bojnourd is the centre of the province.
There are 7 counties in the province including Bojnourd, Shirvan, Esfarayen, Maneh-o-Samalqan , Jajarm , Faroj and Germeh. Also there are 15 sections and over inhabitant villages in the province. North Khorasan covers an area of 28,434 Km2 and has population of 850,000 and is one the three provinces that were created after the division of Khorasan in May 2004.
Central coordination of the province locates in 37°28'34"N 57°19'54"E.
Bojnurd is about 701 km from Tehran. It had an estimated population of 185,000. The ancient city was situated on a hill northwest of the present city of Bojnurd, known as Sarvan Mahaleh.
Maneh is a small sector in the northwest of Bojnurd city. The most important village is Shirindarre which is a tourist area and in which rice is produced.
The city is famous for its Turkmen horses and professional horse training centers. People from all over the world often come over to visit these highlights.
North Khorasan faces Republic of Turkmenistan to the north, Razavi Khorasan to the east and south, Semnan province to the south east and Golestan province to the west.

1.2. Geography and Climate

North Khorasan embraces diverse climate. There are cities like Bojnourd and Shirvan that enjoy moderate mountain climate, other places like western parts of Maneh-o Samalqan, Raz-o Jargalan enjoy moderate weather and parts like Jajarm that face desert.
There is multifarious green cover in the province including deciduous, juniper, weak and strong meadows.
There is a high peak over 3000 meters named Salook. Part of 'Hezar Masjed (1000 mosques)' mountains together with mountain range of 'Aladagh and Kapedagh' that are elongations of Alborz cordillera, are placed in the province. North Khorasan is partly seismic.
There is very good infrastructure for breeding and agriculture in the province. Also, the most watery river of eastern Iran, Atrak, is located in the province on which, 4 dams have been constructed.
Major part of national park of Golestan together with famous promenade of Ghardash is located in the park. In addition, waterspout of Prophet Job that is mainly well-known for its medical effects, is strongly recommended for visit by tourists.

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