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 North Khorasan Today


The estimated population of the province counties is as below:
Shirvan:164,000 / Esfarayen:137,000 / Maneh-o Salamqan: 95,000 / Farooj: 70,000 / Jajarm: 61,000.
In terms of economy, there is an enormous petrochemical and cement plant in Bojnourd, steel and the largest mechanical press of middle east in Esfarayen, power plant, cube sugar and thread factory in Shirvan, Alumina plant in Jajarm, cotton fabricating, food processing, construction, agriculture and plenty other major producing factories.
This province contains many historical and natural attractions, such as mineral water springs, small lakes, recreational areas, caves and protected regions, and various hiking areas. Most of the historical relics are from the Qajar era, as earthquakes continue to ravage older relics.
The National Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran lists 1,180 sites of historical and cultural significance in all three provinces of Khorasan. Some of the popular attractions include Sari Gol protected area, Hasanabad, Ghaisar and Solak old castles, Noshirvan and Ebadatgah caves, Faghatdezh castle, Tomb of Sheikh Ali Esfarayeni, Saloog Protected Area, Besh Ghardash (five brothers) and Baba-Aman springs, Bidag, Konegarm, Konjekooh, Armadloo and Seyed Sadegh caves, Mofakham mirror house, built during the Qajar era, Baba Tavakol mausoleum, Salook Protected Area, Bazkhaneh valley, Ayyub mineral water spring and Ruwin village.
Major academic centers of the province are University of Bojnourd, Islamic Azad University, Payam Noor University and Psychology study center.
ESFARAYEN is one of the focal points for residence of Aryan tribes after entering into Iran. After dominance of Arabs, Esfarayen flourished greatly, and after Islam, in spite of attacks and destruction, was reconstructed. In Safavid and Ozbakan period, Esfarayen was captured, and in Afshar time old Esfarayen was completely ruined. However, Esfarayen is now one of the thriving cities of Khorasan. For more than 200 years wrestlers have come to the city of Esfarayen in Northern Iran for a wrestling tournament called Bachokheh. This tournament is unique because it is held in the open air.
Major activity portion of the province consists of agriculture, including over 40 percent of the whole occupations, producing 1300000 MT arable, garden and livestock. 350 out of 480 thousands hectares of the province arable area is under cultivation with over 50 types of products.

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