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 Road and Transportation


Road & transportation

The long established business affairs and border trades in province and also position of province in the way of ECO roads and also transition from the seas to neighboring countries and central Asia, has resulted in remarkable cultural and social development for expanding overseas commerce like the below mentioned facilities has conducted in specific standing in foreign business affairs:
Highways link Zahedan to Tehran and Mashhad in the north, the port of Bandar Chabahar on the Sea of Oman in the south, and the Pakistani city of Quetta in the east.
For many years, a broad gauge railway line has extended from Zahedan to Quetta in Pakistan.
More recently, a standard gauge line was completed from Zahedan to Kerman in central Iran, linking Zahedan with the rest of the Iranian rail network.[3] This was the result of a May 18, 2007, MOU for rail cooperation that was signed by Pakistan and Iran under which the line was to be completed by December 2008.[4] The line was officially completed with an opening ceremony on 19 June 2009.[5] This makes Zahedan the location of the break of gauge between the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway's standard gauge tracks and Pakistan Railway's broad gauge tracks.
Zahedan is also served by Zahedan International Airport.

  • Long borders (1100 Kilometers) and foreshores (300 Kilometers) and easy access to seas.
  • CHABAHAR free industrial and trading zone with specific concessions for productive and service investment.
  • 5 border arcades in the counties of Zabol, Mirjaveh, Zehedan, Koohak, Jalogh Saravan and pishin (the former) Sarbaz and recently stirred Rimadan and Gomshad arcades together with beyond port (pasabandar) arcade of the county of Saravan in addition to the arcades of the counties of Shamsar, Haghabad (in Khash) and Rootak (in Saravan).
  • Stirring over 90 border cooperatives.
  • Stirring over 7 custom affairs in the province
  • Constructing The Zahedan_ Pakistan railway and considering the province in the transit road of ECO regarding the provincial transit beneficiaries.
  • Managing the nationwide project of Kerman_ Zahedan
  • Submitting all components of Chabahar_ Milak transit road to tender.
  • Finalizing the feasibility and technical study of connecting CHABAHAR to the cross-country railway
  • CHABAHAR port facilities and due docks that results in disembarkation and embarkation of annual 5.2 million MT to over 6 million MT per year
  • CHABAHAR free industrial commercial zone neighboring Shahid Beheshti and Shahid Kalantari ports covering over 14,000 hectares of which, 10,000 hectares has allocated to industrial activities and the rest of 4000 hectares has been assigned to commercial and tourism services.

From the 7 planned arcades, 5 are now stirring including Mirjaveh, Koohak, Pishin, Milak and Jalagh of Saravan, while other border markets naemely Basa port, Gomshad and Rimadan are under construction.
Considerable amount of goods are exchanged through Iran-Pakistan border markets. The measure of goods interchange between abovementioned discussing countries within 11 past months of current year contains: Exported materials of plenty types of industrial, agriculture and petrochemical products, including from Zahedan 201651 MT worth of 5.73 million US dollar, from Mirjaveh 1814 MT worth of 6.3 million US dollars together with importing materials of rice and other goods sizing 167438 MT worth of 51 million US dollars.

1.1. The Aerial Transport:

The aerial transportation in this province, considering the long distance between the province and the country capital and other major parts, is regarded very important. There are 4 international airports in the province namely Zahedan, Zabol, Iranshahr and Chabahar.

1.2. The Railway Transport:

The railway from Zahedan to Kuweiteh (Pakistan) is already active and in close future, the railway will be also connected to the Kerman railway and the connection between Asia and Europe will be fully available.

1.3. The marine transport:

One of the major marine transport potencies in the province in the goods and passenger transport sector, could be named as the docks of Beheshti, Kalantari and Haftome Tir (7th Tir), all are located along the Oman sea. The existence of the Chabahar free zone and lots of economic routes for goods transport towards the central Asian countries, will accentuate this point.

1.4. The roads:

Over 6000 Kilometers paved roads, have generated the connections between the cities inside and outside the province.

1.5. Specification of Transportation infrastructures:

  • Rural police stations: 1 commanding headquarter together with 10 stirring rural police stations are available in the province, while 2 other rural police stations are under construction.
  • ZAHEDAN passenger terminal: The Zahedan passenger terminal covering 36 hectares on a 5800 mآ² has been realize in middle 2001 and has been opened to public on late 2004.
  • ZAHEDAN goods terminal: The Zahedan goods terminal has been located in Kilometer 5 of Zahedan_ Zabol road, covering 34 hectares and has been opened to public on 1999.
  • CHABHAR goods terminal: The Chabahar goods terminal covering 30 hectares has been exploited in early 1996.
  • The border terminals:
  • Mirjaveh border terminal: The Mirjaveh border terminal covering an area of 5 hectares on foundation of 4000 mآ², realizing from early 2001 and exploiting on late 2006. The passengers' hall has been constructed in two different departments of entrance and exit and different sections and departments inside include the passport department, the custom affairs, the presidency representative, police administration, transportation companies, cattle quarantine section, the mall, banks, transportation and terminals services.
  • Milak border terminal: The plant of Milak border terminal covering an area of 5.12 hectares and foundation of 6000 mآ², realizing in early 2004 and exploiting in middle 2009 with participation of then-minister of road and transportation, worth of 13 billion Rials in goods section while its passenger department is under construction.
  • En-route welfare-services: Now, 8 en-route welfare-services have been exploited in the province and 11 ones are also under construction. The official approbations for other 52 complexes have also been issued.

1.6. The general specification of the province in a short glance:

  • The population (2010 estimation): 2,654,000 people
  • The area: 187,502 Kmآ²
  • The connecting roads: 10850 Km
  • The overall length of rural roads: 5550 km
  • The overall length of major roads: 1590 km
  • The overall length of highways: 20,000 km
  • The overall length of village and local roads: 3940 km
  • The provincial stirring drivers' union: 10 clubs
  • The number of counties: 14
  • The number of stirring companies in the field of passenger transport: 110
  • The number of stirring companies in the field of goods transport: 66
  • The number of stirring overseas transportation companies: 20
  • The cost for goods transport computed from the province center per MT-Kilometer: 310 Rials
  • The average annual goods transport: 5.5 million MT
  • The average annual passenger transport: 7 million people
  • The number of stirring goods terminal: 3
  • The number of stirring passenger terminal: 3
  • The number of exploited en-route welfare-services: 8
  • The number of under construction en-route welfare-services: 11
  • The number of issued official approbation for realizing plants of en-route welfare-services: 52
  • The number of border terminals: 2 (including Mirjaveh and Sarlak)
  • The number of drivers of goods vehicles: 7479
  • The number of drivers of passenger vehicles: 5024
  • The number of goods transportation vehicle fleet: 6863
  • The number of passenger transportation vehicle fleet: 3776
  • The average/number of working years of buses: 9 years/1485 vehicles
  • The average/number of working years of mini buses: 20 years/1237 vehicles
  • The average/number of working years of rural taxies: 3.4 years/1054 vehicles
  • The number of rural police stations: 11

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